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Tom from Ideas4Dads is always keen to hear from individuals, companies and brands who would like to work together.

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Whether it is reviewing your products and promoting your brand or providing copy writing, social media management or website development, we will work in partnership to ensure a successful outcome.

Oh and Tom, an accomplished and entertaining speaker, loves talking about his experience as a Dad and inspiring other parents on how to increase their self awareness to become an even better parent.

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Chasing my career was leading me down a path I did not want to continue with.

Product Reviews

We love to review products and services that would appeal to parents.

Brand Promotion

With our ever growing community of Dads across our various channels we are always pleased to hear from brands with ideas on how we can work in partnership together.

Motivational Speaking

Tom our founder is an accomplished and engaging motivational speaker who brings a twist of humour to his talks. He loves talking about his experience as a Dad and inspiring other parents on how to be even better!

Social Media Management

Allow us to employ our wealth of experience in harnessing the power of social media for your brand. We will work in partnership to develop a cohesive plan to ensure good coverage across the whole social media gambit.


With over 15 years experience of SEO optimisation we are highly experienced in the scientific art form of SEO. We will work closely together with you to ensure that your website receives the right traffic for the right phrases relevant to your products and services.

Copy Writing

Crafting compelling copy is the key to clear communication. Whether it is for articles, website or social media content we will work with you to ensure your messaging stands out.