spending time with other Dads
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Why We Should Spend Time With Other Dads

spending time with other Dads
The importance and benefits of spending time with other Dads should never be underestimated!

Being a Dad can be tough!

There is no question of that.

Juggling the responsibilities of working/being the primary carer, spending time as a family together and making time for ourselves can be an ever moving target.

However there are many steps we can take to inject creativity and fulfilment into our own parenting experience.

One thing that can help to enhance our experience as a Dad and to reduce anxiety, worry, depression and stress is to build our support network and spend time with other Dads.

Research has shown that peer support for Dad’s can have many benefits around improving our mental health, well-being and confidence.

There is something very powerful about interacting with like-minded individuals who are in a similar situation.

Through conversation and discussion with other Dads around the latest challenges we are facing, we can realise that we are not the only ones who find certain things a struggle.

Never has the old saying ‘A problem shared, is a problem halved’ been so true when it comes to being a Dad.

This realisation can help to reduce the feeling of failure and being inadequate and help to reaffirm that being a Dad is tough and that we are only human.

Through spending time with other Dads we can learn from each other in how we approach and deal with different situations.

These could be a challenge at work, a problem at home with our partner or finding out about the latest gadget or app that will make our life easier.

We can gain the realisation that we are doing just fine and banish the feelings of guilt, fear and being inadequate.

There are lot’s of ways we can meet other Dads and spend time with them which include:

  • Dad focused toddler and children’s groups – search the local press and web to see whether there are any Dad focused toddler and children’s groups to attend. These are a great way to meet other conscientious and like minded Dads
  • Volunteer as a helper, leader or instructor at one of our children’s extra curricular activities – whether this is a football team, cub scout pack or martial art group this is a great way to meet other ‘Hands on Dads’ to make friends with
  • Do children’s activities with other Dads – this is a great way to spend time with our kids and other Dads by attending children’s activities. This could be going swimming together, going to the Forest or simply a trip to the park. Not only do we get to spend time with our children but they also have the opportunity to play with other children and we have the opportunity for some adult conversation too – who said we can’t multi task!
  • Build in regular time to spend with other Dads away from the kids – this could be playing sport together, going for a drink or even a walk. Making time for uninterrupted conversation with fellow Dads enables us to discuss things on our mind and receive advice.
  • Join online forums and groups – another way to interact with other Dads, especially if life is very busy, is to join online forums and groups to interact with like-minded individuals.

Have you built a solid support network around you as a parent?

What other ways in addition to the above do you spend time with other parents?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments below πŸ™‚

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26 thoughts on “Why We Should Spend Time With Other Dads”

    1. Our local Methodist Church ran something similar for years which was invaluable in meeting other Dads. Sadly it stopped a few years ago.

  1. So pleased you wrote this. Mums naturally get thrown together – wards, classes etc – particularly on maternity leave. Being a Dad is a tough job too and you need to mix with others in a similar position. You need friends who “get it”. I wish my husband had Dad mates. #TriumphantTales

    1. Thank you. Perhaps your hubby could we if there are any Dad toddler/kids groups to attend. We had one that was amazing which sadly closed.

  2. Peer support networks are so powerful and reduce isolation which can kill I think in some circumstances as mental wellbeing plummets. My OH always tells how he went to single parent groups many years ago when his daughters came to live with him following abuse by their stepfather. My OH was floundering at the news with guilt and anger as part of the mix. He hoped the single parent groups might help a bit but they were all female and he was either not welcomed or felt that women were treating him as a potential partner which he was not looking for. So here’s to dads supporting one another. #BloggerClubUK

    1. Well done to your OH for being proactive but I can completely relate to attending the challenges of attending female dominated groups – we need more Dads groups πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Jeremy – I really think it reduces so much anxiety through simply talking to other Dads and realising you are not alone and not a failure. We are all in the same boat πŸ™‚

  3. I think it’s so important that dads meet up and support each other – just as important as mum get togethers! Sadly I don’t think there are as many groups, it’s more up to the dads to arrange themselves! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Yes couldn’t agree more. We definitely need more proactive Dads. I have to admit that I shied away from taking a lead on this and could do a lot more!

  4. Oh Yes, Dad’s should have their support groups too, it can be just as difficult for them as Mum’s and a little support away from the home is good.

  5. A community of dads can provide such support, I love that you are shining light on an area of parenting that so many people haven’t embraced yet. It isn’t only about moms, it’s about both parents raising kids and being supported through it. #GlobalBlogging

  6. Everyone needs people in a similar situation to them to talk to and Dads are no exception. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, do come back next week.

  7. This is something I hadn’t really considered before. Hubby and I are young parents so most of our friends don’t have kids, but, as the primary caregiver, I get to meet other mums on the school run and at swimming, etc. But hubby doesn’t really have any close friends who are dads. Thank you for flagging this up – I will be sharing this post with him.

    And the post obviously resonated with someone else too because they chose to add it to the BlogCrush linky for you so more people could see it. Congratulations! Feel free to grab your “I’ve been featured” blog badge πŸ™‚ #blogcrush

    1. Thank you. Would be great to hear what your hubby thinks about the topic πŸ™‚ great stuff on the Blog Crush thank you πŸ™‚

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