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UK Dad Blog – Why I Run One

UK Dad Blog
There are so many positives to running a UK Dad Blog!

For me there are many reasons why I write and publish a UK Dad blog.

Here are my top reasons for doing so:

  • Community – first and fore most being part of the UK Dad Blog ‘osphere community is quite simply a lifesaver. Knowing that I am not the only one who struggles with the numerous trials and tribulations of being a Dad provides such piece of mind. Connecting with other UK Dad Blogs who want to be the best they can be are the type of people I want to connect with.
  • Learning from kindred spirits – the wisdom in the UK Dad Blog ‘ospehere is amazing. Every day is a school day and I love learning from kindred spirits and gaining ideas and inspiration to help me on my journey as a Dad.
  • Earn an income – since I first developed the idea for Ideas4Dads some nine years ago it has always been my vision to turn it into a UK Dad Blog that enables me to combine my two loves in life (despite my self-limiting fears of doing so) – helping other people together with sharing my experience of my trials and tribulations as a Dad (and spending more time with my family in the process). There is nothing better than being paid to do something you love!
  • Being in control of my own destiny – after spending years being beholden to others, I am finally in control of my own destiny and will be able to reap the rewards of the hard efforts I sow in bringing Ideas4Dads to life
  • Routine – following on the above theme I can be more in control of my time and, dare I say it, have a routine which is so important to my mental health and sanity.
  • Don’t have to wear a suit – long before Gareth Southgate made if cool again I was rocking the three-piece suit together with colour coordinated tie, socks and pocket hanky. Thankfully I now find myself spending most days in shorts and flip-flops
  • Most importantly I get to spend more time with my kids – through running Ideas4Dads I am able to spend more time with my girls and High Command attempting to be the best Dad I can be and staying true to my values as a dad 

Do you run a UK Dad Blog (or elsewhere in the world)?

What positives (and negatives) do you take from running your UK Dad Blog?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments 🙂

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8 thoughts on “UK Dad Blog – Why I Run One”

  1. For me it’s about documenting my son’s early years – like one of those scrapbooks without the pain of cutting and sticking. Always hated that in school!

    Personally, it’s a challenge to see if I can build an audience and also to help explain my day job. I’m a journalist so this is a bit of a twist on the usual dad blog thing. It’s a nice contrast – you never get called a horrible dad but journalists aren’t generally seen in the same positive light.

    1. Great stuff. Lol a journalist hey better be careful what I say as you can never trust one to report the facts 😉

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