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Retaining Perspective is the Key to Success

Growing up in a disrupted alcoholic household has left me with many hangovers as an adult.

However, some of the key effects have been feelings of continued shame, perfectionism and an inability to do failure.

My life has been filled with a litany of perceived ‘Failures’.

– Failed A-levels.

– Failed PhD.

– Marriage problems.

– Business going bust.

– Inability to cope with being a parent.

– Even walking away recently from my lucrative corporate life despite it being the best for me and my family.

However for me it is all about perspective and focusing on the positives.

The below also describes me just from a different angle.

– I secured a place at a top class university through clearing, achieving a first class degree.

– Despite not obtaining my PhD, I contributed to the development of a drug that successfully treats late stage Ovarian cancer, I discovered a cure for cancer!

– I used the experience from my PhD as a springboard to launch the first of 10 businesses of which I have successfully sold two.

– I salvaged my marriage through successfully advocating counselling despite my wife’s reservations.

– I have addressed my diagnosis of Bipolor and OCD.

– I have three, happy healthy daughters who want for nothing and have never been hit or abused by their parents.

Two very different perspectives above describing the life of the same person.

There are a number of ways I empower myself to retain perspective.

One is to write a daily gratitude list of all the wonderful things I have in my life. This is a surefire to ensuring I stay grounded and focusing on the positives.

Another approach I use is to regularly revisit my core values to ensure I have not veered off track and to acknowledge that I am making progress.

I also keep an ‘Achievement list’ detailing all of achievements whether that be personally or professionally.

My favourite framed achievement is a copy of the maternity form detailing me, ‘Dad’, as the person who delivered my third daughter.

Do you struggle to keep perspective in your busy life?

What do you do to ensure you remained focused on the positives?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments below πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Retaining Perspective is the Key to Success”

  1. Wow Tom, there is so much about your background to discover. you have led quite a life. I wish I had read this before shooting that video with you (hoping to get it up and live this coming week, btw). Failure is indeed a part of life and while it may seem like a bad thing, it is essential, especially for kids who need to learn how to bounce back when things don’t go right. Great post.

  2. I failed my a-levels too and I still feel crap about it! Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we expect but that leads us to other things that we can excel at. Love that you rescued your marriage.

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