How many times have your children asked you to put your phone away Dad?
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Put Your Phone Away Dad

How many times have your children asked you to put your phone away Dad?
How many times have your children asked you to put your phone away when you are with them?

In the modern digital age the smart phone is our saviour but can also prove our own worst enemy.

There has been a great deal written about the dangers posed to children through spending too much time on their smart phone.

But how many of us as parents are guilty of spending time on our phones when we are spending time with our children when we should be giving our them our undivided attention.

Recent research has shown that there is a link between how long a parent spends on their phone when looking after their children and the degree of poor behaviour their children exhibit:

Parents’ smartphone addiction means kids are more likely to have behavioral issues: study

Link between smartphone use by children and behavioral problems.

When we are with our kids can we honestly say that we do not let our phone distract us from enjoying what should be focused and quality time?

There are a number of solutions that can experimented with to help us to address this problem of distraction.

We can try leaving our phone at home if we are going out for a short trip such as a walk.

Or we can switch our phone off for periods of time when with our children to avoid distractions.

A temporary out of office message for our our emails or a voicemail stating we are unavailable and who to contact in our absence can give us piece of mind if anything comes up during this time.

If the only source of taking photos is through our Smartphone we use a separate camera to address this.

Going without our phone can prove difficult but through experimenting with some of the suggestions above we can take steps towards enhancing the time we do have with out children.

Do your kids ever ask you to put your phone away when you are spending time with them?

Do you think that you and your children would benefit from you putting your phone away when you are with them so you can enjoy quality time together?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments below 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Put Your Phone Away Dad”

  1. I think all folks including dads need to put the phone down and concentrate on the people in their lives. It seems sad to me to see a couple at a table in the restaurant with both heads bent over a phone. #Keepingitreal

  2. `i’m so grateful that mobile phones weren’t available to the masses for a long time. I had my first phone in 1999, it made calls only, not even a camera, the first smart phone I had was in 2008 around the time social media really started to take off. My kids are now aged 19-30, they were around 16 when they got their first phones, but then not touch screen and they’re not really into social media other than keeping in touch with us, their parents as we all live around the world.

    1. The use of smart phones to keep in touch as a family, especially the group chat function on WhatsApp, are so valuable in my opinion 👍

  3. I know myself when my phone usage is being excessive because my pre-schooler’s behaviour does get worse. When she was younger me and hubby used to leave our phones on the window ledge in the hallway until she was napping or in bed however, as my blog is becoming my business I do need to use my phone a bit more regularly to make sure I’m pinning regularly on Pinterest and to answer queries in my Facebook group. It’s really hard to strike a balance and I’m still working on finding that balance

    1. Yes as you say it’s all about balance. I am workiing hard on us checking in our phones when we are around the house to ensure phone usage doesn’t encroach on our family time when at home.

  4. I’ve been very mindful this Summer to not be on my phone as much. I’ve been having my screen time when my little boy has his. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales. Do come back next week!

  5. So important to have phone-free contact .. at meals and family occasions, And put away at least an hour before bed-time. We get protests, of course, but I think our kids do see the benefits. And we, as parents, set the example, by putting ours away too. #thesdatsesh

    1. It certainly is a double edged sword – getting a separate compact has really made a difference and would highly recommend it 🙂

  6. #thesatsesh like everything in the real world – we need boundaries (adults included) as a child protection officer Ive seen the bad end of the story so many times. I think the secret (although its constantly changing) is balance – time with and away from devices, that trust is earnt and not just given and that parents set consequences…

    I do monitor my own use also, role modelling began the day my son could see me.

    fab post again hun x

    1. Be the person we want our children to become is a very important mantra of mine. I struggle sometimes with the perceived pressure of this but can only do my best. As you say balance or everything in moderation is what we strive for with our children and their tablet time.

    1. Ah yes checking the time. Didn’t think if that. I only wear my watch for best occasions so that is another thing to consider 🙂

  7. I do try, but sometimes it does take the kids to remind me to put my phone away and just experience life rather than capturing it. My phone is an essential tool – it’s basically my mobile office and librayy all rolled into one but I agree that it’s an important lesson to show our kids that we are not governed by our smartphones and that family is more important than checking Twitter notifications … #saturdaysesh

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