Parenting with lower back pain
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Parenting with a lower back injury

Parenting with lower back injury
Parenting with a lower back injury proves quite a challenge

I remember as a child getting frustrated with my Dad when he said he couldn’t pick me up due to having a bad back.

It wasn’t until I became a parent and have suffered the same challenges of a lower back injury interfering with my ability to parent that I can truly empathasise.

I’m not sure how much genetics comes into play but a couple of years prior to becoming a Dad (in my late 20’s)  I injured my lower back stupidly trying to lift a large Rhino tub full of water (why I didn’t drag it or even better just empty and refill it where I needed it I will never know).

I can still remember the loud pop my back made when I pulled it, like a rifle shot ringing out.

Anyway since then my back has never been the same again and I have to be really careful to manage recurrences of the injury.

A subsequent MRI a couple of years ago has shown some early signs of lower disc degeneration which reinforces the fact that I need to be ultra careful with looking after my back.

I am a fit and an active thirty something who loves his cycling.

But give me a week with my girls clambering all over me and I can be reduced to a hobbling wreck who has to resort to lying in bed.

It is very hard for me when my girls want me to pick them up and throw them around (well that is one of the key jobs of a Dad is it not?) to say no.

With it being holiday season the prompt for this post has been that I have managed to injure my back again.

There is nothing quite like lower back pain but I am doing the right thing.

I am taking pain relief and have managed to get an emergency appointment at my Chiropractor which despite having to pay privately to see, works wonders for me.

I am also trying to remain mobile despite the pain and get out for walks to help loosen it up.

I can feel it getting better but injuring my back is frustrating at the best of times, but doing so during the school holidays really is a shit sandwich especially as we are supposed to be camping in a week’s time.

Do you suffer from lower back pain as parent?

What things do you do to help alleviate the pain and to prevent subsequent injury?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments below 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Parenting with a lower back injury”

  1. Sounds rough mate. I wouldn’t call it an injury, but I pulled my lower back earlier this year when I was sorting the garden out for summer – it’s not like I was heavy lifting, just painting and jet washing! I blame old age. You’re right though, it does impact what you do with the kids – I couldn’t play with L like I normally did. Hopefully your back improves a bit!

    1. Cheers matey – gardening for me can be a killer with all the bending down – however I have truly embraced my mid life crisis through purchasing a pair of padded knee protectors which are great 😉

  2. Thankfully I have never experienced this. But….I have had to do childcare with a mild bad back and it is not fun. I can but imagine what you are going through. Hope the pain dissipates soon.

    1. Thanks John – I know I’m a man but honestly I’ve never known pain like it – thankfully the work the Chiropractor has done together with anti inflammatories and rest are beginning to work their magic!

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