20 thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto 1st Day of School”

  1. So sweet. The first day of school is such a special milestone moment. Whereas with ours now it’s more of a perfunctory (and unwilling) photo in their new uniforms and then dashing off to meet up with their friends!

    1. I have to admit we really have to make an effort to ensure milestones for our third are treated with the same enthusiasm as our first and second – thank fully she took it all in her stride and waltzed in without a care in the world and we turned and hightailed it to celebrate our first day of freedom 😉

    1. Thank you – yes it went really well – still on the phasing in stage so not at full days yet but she’s been shattered this weekend and it’s only been two days!

    1. Ah thank you thats so kind of you to say so – all our pre-school/school photos of our 3 girls with me are from behind – I just loved this one with her looking over her shoulder with her extra cheeky face – just pee’d off the long lense didn’t focus properly – there are many things my wife is amazing at but sadly taken a photograph is not one of them 😉

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