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My Rules of Work

Sticking to my rules of work is very important to me!

It is always helpful for me to revisit my Rules of Work to ensure that I am staying true to myself.

Having recently turned my career on it’s head by walking away from my corporate life to pursue my dream of having a job that aligns to my values as a Dad, it is important that I don’t lose sight of what I want to gain through being my own boss.

I am currently in the process of fleshing out what forms Ideas4Dads will take in terms of helping other Dads be the best they can be.

Whilst incredibly exciting this is also very daunting.

My passion is to help other Dads to be even better and there are a number of ways I can do this.

One way is through this blog, writing about my experiences as a Dad and about issues that I hope other Dads will find useful and ispiring.

Anyway the focus of this post is to record in black and white my own Rules of Work to ensure I remain true to myself:

  • Be my own boss – although I appreciate I am not the second coming of the Messiah, I do want to be responsible for my own destiny as much as possible by being my own boss. As an employee no matter how hard you work you can have the rug pulled from you at any minute due to decisions beyond your influence despite working your hardest.
  • Be present in my children’s (and wife’s) lives and never miss another important event – the last few years have been incredibly stressful work wise and it has taken a serious toll on both my my relationship with my children and my wife. No more. Through sticking to these rules I very much hope I will be a much more present Dad and husband.
  • Do something meaningful through helping others – for me my purpose in life is to help others and have a positive impact on both their lives and their family. Through the medium of Ideas4Dads I hope to help inspire Dads in their quest to be an even better parent.
  • Be able to work flexibly – this is absolutely key for me. I want to be able to work anywhere in the world, and at times of my choosing. There is something very liberating about this that I find incredibly appealing.
  • No commuting – having spent the last 7 years traipsing up and down the country I refuse to waste any more time driving or being on a train. Apart from it being exhausting, it is such a waste of time. It is my intention that my work is digitally driven that enables me to work from home/coffee shops/the beach etc.
  • Time for exercise & hobbies – maintaining a healthy balance and doing exercise is very important to me. I hold true to the mantra of healthy body – healthy mind.
  • Not tie myself into things – having had a number of horrible experiences where I have been tied into business situations I will absolutely ensure that I never tie myself down to something and must always have the option to be able to walk away.
  • Don’t work with arseholes – following on from the above I refuse to work with arseholes. I don’t know if I have been unlucky in my career in attracting arseholes and then being forced to work with them but I refuse to do so moving forward.
  • Don’t work weekends or Fridays – although this will not happen in the short term but is certainly something on my medium term goals.

What are your rules of work?

How do you know when you are veering away from them?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments below 🙂

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16 thoughts on “My Rules of Work”

  1. These are great rules. I think it’s really important to set ourselves work boundaries when working from home, otherwise it’s easy for work life to merge into home life. Thank you for sharing yours with #Blogstravaganza 🙂

    1. Thank you – yep I have to revisit my boundaries often – for example I am sitting here on a Sunday night responding which should be my digital free down time 😉

  2. Really enjoyed this one; I can relate to many of your shared corporate experiences. Time for family is so very important, and for all the proclamations about places offering flexible working patterns, and family friendly hours, this is quite often far from the truth. Working for yourself, you get to set your own small print! Wishing you all the very best in your new venture.

    1. Thank you. As I say it’s not all a bed a of roses all of the time and you have to work hard to get through the unmotivated days but it’s definitely the life for me once I’ve broken even financially month on month 🙂

  3. These are great rules – it’s so easy just to go with the flow at work because you feel you have to, but it’s so refreshing to hear about putting yourself and family first and changing it. Good luck #thesatsesh

  4. Hide the snacks!
    When the hubs started to work from home, he said snacking was the main distraction! He was always going to the kitchen to look for snacks! And he has put on quite a bit of weight ever since!

    1. Yep snacking can be a killer and using them is the only way I can fight the temptation too! Slimming world really helped me (lost 3 and a half stone) and road cycling 😎

  5. i really admire your commitment to what’s important to you. I have taken a break from my ‘day job’ for very similar reasons to you. 2 of your rules – to be present with family and to have a purpose to help others especially stand out for me. I want to prioritise self-care too (which I can also see in your rules too). I wish you all the best with this venture as I think it is such a good idea and you are doing it for all the right reasons. Thanks for linking up to #thesatsesh

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