My goals for the next month
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‘My Goals for the Next Month’

My goals for the next month
The fuzziness of this photo neatly reflects where I am in life at the moment

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I got back in the blogging saddle and continue my recovery from what has been a tough 12 months.

I have to be honest I am struggling with reintegrating myself back into family life.

Family life that I have inadvertently become so dissociated from.

However, I am striving to remain positive by going back to basics and have started with revisiting what my values as a Dad are.

Despite my various fears bouncing around my mind I am slowly starting to feel better and to put various things into practice.

My next step is to commit to a number of short term goals:

  • Upon waking up each morning read with J to help her catch up with her reading for which she has fallen behind somewhat with at school
  • Continue to get out on my road bike at least 3 times a week (if nothing else the feeling of dressing up in lycra is very soothing)
  • Message my mentor each day to tell them how I am feeling
  • To spend at least one date night with High Command each week to rekindle the romance in our relationship
  • To complete the selection process to become a Beaver leader
  • To record what I eat each day using MyFitnessPal to ensure I am sufficiently fuelled for my cycling
  • To write and publish a blog post each day
  • To continue to develop each day my plan for Ideas4Dads
  • Tidy and sort my home office to make it conducive to a productive and creative environment

So there you go, my goals for the next month – I have set a reminder in my diary for 1-months time to review how I have progress

Do you set goals to help keep you motivated or do you think they are a waste of time?

How often do you revisit your goals to see how you are progressing?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments 🙂

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