My 3 Summer Holiday Educational Goals

My 3 Educational Summer Holiday Goals

My 3 Summer Holiday Educational Goals
Educational Summer Holiday Goals: Each morning this summer holiday we are making the time to read with our middle daughter

So the summer holidays are upon us and already in some respects it is feeling like it is going to be a hard slog.

I’m not being negative.

I just have to keep reminding myself that having three girls aged within four years of each other is always going to cause some friction when they are at home with each other.

I do know that, as in previous years, they will settle down into their groove of co-existing under the same roof without knocking lumps out of each other…..I hope so anyway!

One of my goals for the summer holiday is to keep the momentum going with regards to the girl’s learning.

Not in a really pushy, unfun kind of way.

Rather, after being essentially an absent father the last 18 months, I want to start reconnecting with my children.

Now that I am free of the corporate rat race by making the decision to follow my longstanding dream of founding Ideas4Dads, I am now able to work from home and be present for my children.

Here are my simple and achievable educational goals to do with my girls each day over the summer holiday:

  • Eldest – we have various maths, science and English workbooks which we have picked up from amazon for her to work through over the last year. However these do parental input in terms of marking and support which we have struggled to do. So the deal is that she completes one section from each book per day which I will then mark in the evening.
  • Middle daughter – was one mark off passing her Phonics test this term in Year 1 (the one where you have real and made up words which to be honest I find hard) so each day we have agreed that she comes and wakes me up and we spend 10 minutes reading. We have also printed and laminated sets of phonics cards to help develop her phonics skills.
  • Youngest daughter – starts school in September and each day I am going to spend 5 minutes working on her counting and writing her name. We have never been one of these parents who want their child to start school being able to count to a 1000 and write a page of Shakespere.

Oh and just to be clear we have lots of fun stuff planned too 🙂

How are you balancing fun with keeping the momentum going in your children’s learning and development?

Do you find your children still want to learn during the holidays?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments 🙂

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