Another roll goes to war....

‘Just How Much Bogroll Can One Family Use?’

‘What do you mean we’ve run out of bog roll already we only bought a 24 family pack at the weekend!?!’ I exclaimed to High Command as it dawned on me that once again our brood had wiped its way through yet another pack of bogroll!!!

Another roll goes to war....
Another roll goes to war….

I don’t know about your family but ours is single handedly keeping the likes of Andrex in business!!

Well I say Andrex but with the amount of loo roll our monkeys are wiping their way through we cannot afford the posh stuff anymore. Yet another sacrifice we have made as parents in the line of duty.

Some days I come home to an unflushed toilet with literally a whole roll unfurled into the pan. And the trouble is you can’t even turn adversity into a win by using it as the ultimate splash mat for a No2 yourseld because you just know a blocked pan will result.

It’s not quite that bad that we are having to resort to purchasing bulk buys of the cheap and cheerful tracing paper variety….but we are not far off!

I have even suggested to Trumpet and Digger that they hold things in and do their business at their school – after all its never too early to start versing your kids in living off the land

To combat the economic implications of our excessive use we have been experimenting with various brands, of differing levels of luxury, to try to find a cost effective solution.

Perish the thought we have even tried single-ply and we all know the dangers this poses when wiping away a No2 and your finger breaking through the protective cover……

So anyway this is one thing I never considered would pose such a conundrum in amongst all this parenting malarkey and felt the need to share my pain.

Does your household suffer from extraordinary loo roll consumption?

What measures have you implemented to curb excessive use?

**Disclaimer: I love my kids dearly but when faced with a weekly bogroll bill of over £10 something needs to give ;-)**

Twin Mummy and Daddy

8 thoughts on “‘Just How Much Bogroll Can One Family Use?’”

    1. No ours too – it’s costing me a small fortune to the point where I think I need to start purchasing the old tracing paper style rolls to try to conserve usage!

  1. I keep a spare 24-pack in the trunk of my car since we are ALWAYS out of it and i am the ONLY one who purchases it… #thatfridaylinky xo

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