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Do You Find Nothing is Sacred as a Parent Anymore?

Do you find nothing is sacred any more as a parent?

I think it would be fair to say that life has changed somewhat since the arrival of the first of our three daughters eight and a half years ago.

I would be telling a rather large fib if I said I have coped well with the disruption and chaos that reigns with having three children so close together (yes we ticked the box of 3 kids under 4).

Anyway I have to work very hard to take time out for myself together with balancing work and family time.

‘Me time’ for me includes road cycling & walking the dog together with what really is my last bastion of peace within the family unit, namely ‘Toilet Time’.

For me ‘Toilet Time’ is one of the last bastions of peace….well kind of….

Honestly, if it’s not my girls clambering all over me then it’s the pooch making a nuisance of herself with a sit down protest!!!

I know I hear you say…just lock the door.

I’ve tried that and it just ends up with the door being banged on until it’s creaking at the hinges so it’s just easier to keep unlocked and repel the insurgents!!!

What ‘Sacred Time’ have you lost since becoming a parent?

How do you take time out for yourself amid the hustle and bustle of busy family life?

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16 thoughts on “Do You Find Nothing is Sacred as a Parent Anymore?”

  1. Haha! Where do I begin but the one thing I lost was my gaming time playing xbox is something I simply don’t do anymore and I miss it #truimphanttales

  2. Haha! Know that feeling! For me, it’s my bath time. Even though we have a downstairs loo the kids still ‘need’ to come in and they have worked out how to unlock the door from the outside! #keepingitreal

    1. Kids are like the velicoraptors from the first Jurassic park film in that they can open doors that really they shouldn’t be able too!! My bath time was my last bastion of peace to be breached quite recently. I will have to resort to spending time in my shed more….

  3. Hi Tom, I can imagine parents all over the world nodding their head to this one. Even now my two are all grown up it’s not unusual for my daughter to come in for something or to perch on the bath for a chat!… What I missed most when the children were small was that quiet time. I love early mornings, unfortunately so did my daughter. I now cherish my quiet mornings, maybe being a parent helped me appreciate them even more?

    Thank you for sharing at #keepingitreal.


    1. Having my bath time invaded is a new one and gave had to resort to locking the door. It’s amazing how much we take for granted quiet time pre kids. I really miss my productive early morning weekends although our eldest is starting to lie in now so fingers crossed this is a sign of things to come with the younger two 🙂

  4. I don’t recall the kids trying to get in the bathroom with me when they were smaller, they were lazy, it was calling me from another room rather than ever coming to get me #keepingitreal

  5. It’s funny I should read this today of all days as I am having an afternoon at home to myself. Music was my thing. I used to have it on ALL the time pre-child but it just didn’t happen for the first few years but I’m managing to go back to my old ways now. The little man just has to put up with it (I’m hoping I brainwash him into my taste of music at the same time!). Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales!

    1. It’s the same for me. I was only talking with my wife the other day about the fact we don’t listen to enough music….apart from Disney songs 😉

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