Chasing my career was leading me down a path I did not want to continue with.
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‘Why I Walked Away From a Multi-Million Pound Opportunity’

For me being the best dad I can be means everything. Absolutely everything! Having grown up in a violent, chaotic and alcoholic household I am determined that history will not repeat itself with my three daughters. That they will have the best childhood possible. My beautiful, gorgeous daughters who in spite of my parenting foibles […]

Mid Life Crisis - When do you know you are having one?
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Midlife Crisis – How do you know your having one?

It would be fair to say that I am currently going through a state of flux. Undergoing change. Lot’s of change. And no I don’t mean transitioning to a Sad Clown. With my corporate career firmly deposited in the bin I am now looking to pastures new. Giving up the secure salary and all the […]