Things that make my wife unhappy
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9 Things That I Do That Make My Wife Unhappy

It would be fair to say that our household hasn’t been the happiest of homes in recent times. After spending the last 7 years chasing the corporate dream of big bucks and sell outs this all came to an end recently and although I’m sure it is for the best there is certainly some work to […]

When is the right time to jettison those dead weight friendships?
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When is it the right time to jettison dead weight friendships?

I am one of those people who flew the nest from where they grew up and ended up settling at the other end of the country. As a result of this, and through studying at two Universities, I have acquired an eclectic mix of friends and friendship groups along the way. Some have cemented themselves […]

Alton Towers Review
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Alton Towers Review: 7 Ways To Enjoy a Couples Day Out

Alton Towers Review: The priority for High Command and myself at the moment is to spend as much time as possible together to rekindle our relationship. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with our relationship, rather the toll that events have taken on us in recent times mean that we have inadvertently grown apart. When High Command […]