Best Vitamin Supplements To Take
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Best Vitamin Supplements to Take?

Best Vitamin Supplements To Take
Best Vitamin Supplements to Take? With this number of tablets it could almost count as a meal!

It would be fair to say that after the stressful couple of years I have endured chasing pound notes my body and general health have taken quite a hit.

So as part of my impending midlife crisis one of the things on my list is to really whip my body into shape.

This will include stepping up my road cycling and continuing to improve my eating and nutrition habits to support this.

Also, despite being on the young side at 39 to qualify automatically for a Wellman Check Up at my local GP Surgery, I have managed to convince my doctor that I would like one to rule out any nasties. The idea is this will alleviate the unsubstantiated worry I been having that I may have something wrong with me beyond stress (heart disease and diabetes runs in my family).

The other quick win I am going to begin experimenting with is taking vitamins and supplements although I don’t have a huge budget.

I have dabbled with this in the past on and off and had the following kicking around the house so am going to begin with these and see if it makes any difference:

  • Multivitamins & Iron 1 a day – Β£1 for 50 tablets from Poundland (2p per day): take for general health.
  • Sustained Release Vitamin C & Zinc 1 a day – ~Β£4 as part of multibuy for 90 tablets from Boots (4.5p per day): take for the apparent benefit of guarding against colds
  • Cod Liver Oil (550mg) with Vitamin D & A 1 a day – Β£1 for 42 capsules from Poundland (2.3p per day): for my creaking joints. My Grandad used to swear by cod liver oil and would take it in liquid form using a spoon! He lived until the ripe old age of 88 so must have done something.
  • Glucosamine Sulphate (750mg) 2 a day – ~Β£3 as part of a multibuy for 30 tablets from Boots (20p per day): Apparently this is better that Cod Liver Oil for your joints so am going to take this too.

Based on the above it will cost me ~30p per day to take these vitamins and supplements. Having had a quick look I can see online that Glucosamine is available much cheaper.

However for the moment before I go and spend lots of money I am going to see how I get on taking them for a month.

Do you take vitamins and supplements? If so what do you take and what for?

Where do you buy your vitamins and supplements from?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments πŸ™‚

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