'Our vain attempt at curbing the shoe breeding'

‘Attack Of The Shoes’

‘Just how many shoes can one household have?’ I thought to myself as I tripped over one of the kid”s shoes for the 14th time that morning!!!

'Our vain attempt at curbing the shoe breeding'
‘Our vain attempt at curbing the shoe breeding’


Lots of shoes!!

Multiplying on what seems like a daily basis!!!

The sheer untidyness of random shoes finding themselves strewn across every surface…high and low.

And then there is the health and saftey issue.

No I don’t mean the obvious trip hazard that is surely going to result in a broken neck at some point.

No I’m talking about the fact that Wellie Boot who is 4 deciding to feast regularly on random shoes. Not just a little nibble either. No we are talking damage levels a Labrador puppy would be proud of!!

You will have seen from the photo above that we have sold our soul to the IKEA devil and invested in a Trofast system to try to contain the onslaught of shoes.

But even that has been breached with shoes constantly flooding out.

The final straw happened at the weekend when, in the early hours of the morning, I realised the lump at the bottom of the duvet was not a sock but in fact a child’s shoe…..

No where is safe I tell you from the ‘Attack of the Shoes’.


Are you suffering from the ‘Attack of the Shoes’ syndrome?

What measures do you take to contain the spread of shoes across your house?

**Disclaimer: My kids mean the world to me but surely one winter pair and one summer pair of shoes should suffice – at this rate apart from the impact on my OCDness I’m going to be bankrupt before the kids reach their tenth birthday….**

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