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Alton Towers Review: 7 Ways To Enjoy a Couples Day Out

Alton Towers Review
You’re never too old to enjoy a day out at Alton Towers and especially on a couples day out!

Alton Towers Review: The priority for High Command and myself at the moment is to spend as much time as possible together to rekindle our relationship.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with our relationship, rather the toll that events have taken on us in recent times mean that we have inadvertently grown apart.

When High Command suggested we spend the day visiting Alton Towers at first I was little sceptical because I am such a big wimp.

However when she billed it to me as an opportunity to not only have some fun but also have the opportunity to spend the day talking I jumped at the chance (and also I would be able to do an Alton Towers Review too!).

As Bill Hoskins used to say ‘It’s good to talk’!

And I am pleased to say that the our romantic Alton Towers Review day was a roaring success.

The verdict?

We we had so much fun and not only is The Smiler ride by far the best roller coaster ride we have ever been on, it is also the gift that keeps on giving in terms of length.

More importantly we also had more deep and meaningful conversations over the course of the day than we had had in the previous two years.

Anyway, as way of a brief Alton Towers review, here are some of the ways to ensure your day out at Alton Towers is a success:

  • New Alton Towers App – this was a game changer for us in that the Alton Towers App that you can download onto your phone gives you lots of real time information about waiting times, closed rides etc together with lots of park information. Using it we were able to head to the less busy rides to maximise our time
  • End of the day – for some reason theme parks always start to empty at the rides furthest away from the entrance. This is something we have done for years and in the last hour managed to get onto 5 rides with queuing time for each less than 10 minutes as most folk make a beeline for home.
  • Making use of the time queuing – use the opportunity to talk, talk, talk as we did or take reading material and a power bar for your phone or tablet to help past the time
  • Bring your own water bottle – if you are buying drinks all day these can soon add up. There are plenty of water fountains dotted around the park to fill up with and save money.
  • Wear appropriate footwear – although we didn’t track how far we walked we must have clocked up at least 8 miles traipsing around. We made sure we wore sturdy and comfortable shoes to help minimise foot ache. It always amazes me how people can spend the day in flip flops without their feet falling off!
  • Wear comfortable clothing – our visit was on one of the hottest days of the year so baggy clothes and white in colour ensured we stayed as cool as possible. Some of the que areas are not sheltered from the sun so be prepared for being sunned (or rained) on.
  • Two for one – don’t pay full price on the entrance fee. Use the two for one vouchers that are common place on cereal and Cadbury chocolate bars to save money. You can also use your Tesco points too although these can’t be used together with the two for one offers.
  • Ask for a free go – I saw quite a few people walking up to the paid activity stands and asking for a free throw of a hoop or a basketball to see what it was like!

What have been your best day dates spent with your significant other?

What are your hot tips for enjoying a day at Alton Towers or other theme parks?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments 🙂

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