Hi my names Tom and I’m a 39-year old Dad.

A Dad to three girls.


Namely…..Trumpet or A (8), Digger or J (6) & the Wellie Boot or E (4).

I don’t quite recall the exact point at which I agreed to having three kids, and so close together but hey ho here I am.

For me being the best Dad I can is the ultimate challenge in life, balancing the pressures and demands of work, family and time for myself.

Learning to love yourself

With that in mind I have just walked away from a multi million pound opportunity for the sake of my family and am already feeling the benefits.

I used to dad blog before the enormity of 3 girls under 4 dawned on me (well broke me if the truth be told) and am now back whilst navigating the onset of my mid life crisis.

I love writing about my adventures having done so through my blog on and off for the last five years.

Oh and I should mention I am married to High Command…..and she’s definitely the boss.

Join me as I try to bring a ray of sunshine to other people’s lives and to perhaps inspire them in their quest to become an even better Dad….

I always love to hear from kindred spirits trudging along the highway of parenthood and like minded brands who want to work together.

To get in touch hit me up here or via my social media channels below.