Things that make my wife unhappy
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9 Things That I Do That Make My Wife Unhappy

Things that make my wife unhappy
The first step in any situation is to identify what you need to change

It would be fair to say that our household hasn’t been the happiest of homes in recent times.

After spending the last 7 years chasing the corporate dream of big bucks and sell outs this all came to an end recently and although I’m sure it is for the best there is certainly some work to do in rebuilding my marriage and my family.

Having been spat out of the corporate sausage machine I have taken the opportunity to spend some time reflecting on what it means to me to be a good Dad and now need to start taking responsibility for what I can change to be a better husband.

I am a firm believer that you can only be responsible for changing yourself and responsibility for change I must take.

So what I imagine is the first of many posts on the theme of relationships and romance her are ten things that I do that make my wife unhappy:

  • Not getting out of bed in the morning
  • Not showing any interest in our children
  • Always being on my phone – especially when in conversation
  • Taking no interest in arranging things to do as a couple
  • Taking no interest in planning things to do as a family
  • Walking  around with a face like thunder
  • Not helping with the household chores
  • Leaving used crockery on top of the dishwasher rather than loading it into the dishwasher
  • Never cooking a meal…ever

As part of striving towards a new, happier life these are on my list to address and to try to do less of.

What makes your partner unhappy?

What could you do to change to address one of these things?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments below 🙂

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