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7 Things To Love About Family Camping

Family Camping
There is something quite special about being at one with nature whilst family camping

Although camping isn’t for everyone, for us it something that High Command and I have always loved to do.

Cost effective, flexible and simple, what isn’t there not to love!

Prior to having children we would visit the coast every summer to camp, even spending a whole summer one year living under canvas.

This year has been the first time we have camped with all three girls for more than a couple of nights.

Since High Command became pregnant with our middle daughter family camping became too much to enjoy for a main summer holiday.

However, with our youngest touching four and a half and almost out of the feral stage, we ventured down to Cornwall for what turned out to be a wonderful 10 days.

We managed 9 nights which gave us an enormous sense of achievement (and was much more than the target of surviving the 1 night that we had set ourselves)!

Here are 7 reasons to love family camping:

  • At one with nature – there is just something magical about spending family time immersed within nature. Whether it is marvelling at the moon, chasing flying bats or discovering new creatures in the undergrowth there is something to pique the interest of children of all ages
  • Time slows down – life takes on a different pace when camping with children. There seems to be more time to spend with them and enjoy those quality moments. There is no rush to get things done which provides the opportunity to enjoy the simpler moments in life together.
  • Opportunity for bonding – compared to other types of holidays there is something quite unique about living in close proximity to each other camping. It seems to provide special moments of bonding with your children that don’t otherwise present themselves. Whether it is during a board game, a walk or just a chat over the washing up, deep and meaningful conversations seem to flow whilst camping.
  • Fewer distractions which encourages family interaction – there is something compelling about living off the grid and not having the distractions of television or phones or household chores. It encourages conversation and to do things together as a family without digital distractions.
  • Children making friends – if you pick the right family campsite children seem to make more deep and meaningful friendships together when compared to other types of holidays. This certainly helps to provide some downtime for parents.
  • Camping folk are just lovely – not sure why but the type of family that go camping on the whole seem to be lovely and friendly. Although there are always exceptions to this rule most families who camp are of the outdoor and active variety and are always easy to talk to and enthusiastic about sharing their latest camping gadgetry and hacks with others.
  • It is good value – once you are confident you will enjoy camping regularly and have invested in all the gear, the cost of camping when compared to a family package holiday abroad or staying in a holiday home, is incredibly good value. This money-saving can help to fund daily excursions or enable more camping holidays throughout the year.

Are you a fan of camping with the family?

What do you enjoy about camping?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments below 🙂

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15 thoughts on “7 Things To Love About Family Camping”

  1. I agree, camping is such a bonding experience. We’re looking to start doing it next year as a family since both kids are out of diapers now, can hang on small hikes and walking trips, and can carry their own water bottles. #BrilliantBLogPOsts

  2. I haven’t yet take the kids camping. We’ve done caravan breaks but there are so many pluses to a camping holiday. Next summer I must finally do it! #BrillBlogPosts

    1. Thats a great place to be where the kids are asking to go – I can’t tell you how much our children enjoyed it. Ooo wild camping sounds like great fun – enjoy!

    1. Lol – yes as someone who is pretty OCD it took a few days to let the routine go but once into the swing of things it all went very well 🙂

    1. Wowsers what an adventure you must have had. Yes there is something so cathartic for the whole family when sleeping under canvas. We are already planning our next adventure 🙂

  3. High Command! Ha ha! We are also massive camping fans. Totally agree with all you mention. Can only manage 2 nights though with my tinies (2 and 4) Maybe we’ll progress to a week when they are a bit more self sufficient!

  4. We haven’t tried camping with our son yet and to be honest I think it’ll be a few years before we do. That said, I agree with all your points. Camping can be a lot of fun and finding other families on a good campsite can make or break the holiday. Thanks for linking up to #wanderlustkids

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