What Makes Me Happy As A Dad
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30 Things That Make Me Happy As A Dad

What Makes Me Happy As A Dad
I beg anyone not to feel a modicum of happiness seeing a dog on a kids swing 😉

Revisiting the things that make me happy on a regular basis is something I feel is time very well spent.

The Holy Grail for me is continually aligning my goals with what makes me happy (and keeping on track to achieve them).

However, in the hustle and bustle of busy family life I can often be guilty of losing perspective and not being able to see the wood for the trees.

Agent Sidetrack could be my middle name (along with many others)!

Following my abrupt departure from the corporate world I have been doing a great deal of reflecting on what my immediate short term goals are and what my values as a Dad are.

Next on my list is reminding myself of what actually makes me happy today as a Dad within a very busy family unit:

  • Sharing a special ‘Memory Moment’ with one or all my daughters such as England scoring in the World Cup and seeing the glee on their face
  • Seeing my girls continue to grow and develop into strong, confident girls
  • Being in control of my own time
  • Getting up early and stealing a march on the day
  • Not waking up in agony with back pain
  • Seeing High Command happy
  • Being able to respond calmly to my kids when they are misbehaving and use the opportunity for them to learn (as opposed to losing my temper and shouting – which is easier said than done)
  • Having sharp wit and my sense  of humour on fire
  • Feeling grateful for all that I have in my life
  • My super sexy looking BMW 1 Series
  • Having a tidy office
  • Having a tidy house
  • Having a tidy garage
  • A freshly cut lawn
  • Gleaming, clean car
  • Watching a really good film
  • A hot bath before bed
  • Clean bed sheets
  • Clean clothes
  • Learning how to do something new and then doing it well
  • Working out how to solve a problem and then actually solving it
  • Having a sincere conversation with a friend and learning something new and/or providing help/advice to them
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Being able to work for myself
  • Being able to work from home
  • Getting out on my road bike and pushing myself
  • Spending the day air softing
  • Oh and dogs in swings – seeing them enjoying themselves makes me very happy

I’m sure I’ve missed many things that make me happy but this is definitely a starter for 10 🙂

When was the last time you took a step back and thought about what makes you happy?

What are the key things that make you happy?

How do your current short, medium and long term goals correlate with achieving what makes you happy? 

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments 🙂

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