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12 Benefits Of Walking Away from the Corporate Rat Race

Corporate rat race
Making the decision to exit the corporate rat race and walk away from my job is the best thing I have ever done

It’s been almost 2 months since I made the decision to walk away from my 15 year career in the corporate rat race.

In one respect it was a difficult decision to make in terms of my deep seated fear of financial insecurity.

In another way it was a no brainer.

My drivers to walk away were to rebuild my marriage, reconnect with my family, reaffirm my values as a Dad, rediscover what it means to me to be happy and most importantly establish my true purpose in life.

Continue as is and end of losing my marriage, my kids and/or my own life (I was on one a way trip in terms of my physical and mental deteriorating).

Or make one of the biggest decisions in my life to walk away.

Walk away with no solid plan.

No income.


To face a marriage and family on the ropes from the effects of me simply not being present for the last 18 months.

BUT to follow my dream of establishing Ideas4Dads and to feel fulfilled for the first time in years in all areas of my life.

Making time to reflect is so important so here are twelve of mine two months in:

  • Less stress – when you are in a stressful situation it is very hard to see the wood for the trees. Often described as the ‘Boiling Frog Syndrome’, the effects of stress can creep up on you. For me I knew I was under pressure and stressed but when I walked away it was like being hit by a bus. The effects won’t leave immediately but I am already starting to feel better and not wake up full of worry and trepidation.
  • Finding my purpose – in pursuing my long held vision of establishing Ideas4Dads to inspire other Dads to be even better, I feel truly energised for the first time in years. I am jumping out of bed each morning and loving every second of working on it. Something I don’t think I have ever felt working in the corporate world.
  • Work from home – being able to base myself at home full time is a revelation and I am in the process of tidying my home office to create a comfortable and more conducive work environment.
  • In control of my own time – I have come to realise just how little time I had to spend at home. To now be in control of my own destiny is a revelation and enabling me to reconnect with myself, my family and get everything in order at home.
  • No travel – I found travelling around the country, whether it by road or rail, exhausting. Not having to do this now means I have so much more energy to spend on my me and my family rather than wanting to be in bed all the time.
  • Establishing a routine – the nature of my corporate job meant that I did not know where I would be in the country from one week to the next. This meant that having a routine was nigh on impossible. Although it will take time to fully appreciate that I am now based at home and can commit to things regularly I am starting to slowly come round to this way of thinking.
  • My sense of humour has come back – the degree to which my sense of humour is prevalent has always been a barometer to how I’m feeling. I am actually finding myself cracking jokes and laughing with others rather than wearing my heart on my sleeve and being hypersensitive and a sad sack.
  • Seeing my kids more – previously I would be lucky if I saw my kids due to the travel and long hours. This is not the case now. I have been around for the school run and available more during holidays to spend special quality time together.
  • More family time – it would be true to say that for the last 18 months I have become dissociated from my family. Not wanting to spend any time with my wife and three beautiful daughters. I am pleased to say that I am slowly learning to enjoy family time and there is much more laughter and smiles in our house.
  • Feeling healthier – not having to travel and under relentless stress means that I am feeling much healthier. I am exercising, eating better and even starting to take an interest in things like vitamins and supplements to aid my health which I never thought I would be interested in.
  • Desire to exercise – I love my road cycling but when I am stressed and unhappy I lose interest in wanting to get out on my bike. Since I have given up my job I have had more time to enjoy the fresh air of the open roads and lose some weight by doing so

What has been the biggest life changing decision you have made in recent times?

What were the benefits of doing so?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments 🙂

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14 thoughts on “12 Benefits Of Walking Away from the Corporate Rat Race”

  1. First of all, good for you! It is a hard decision to make but I applaud you for following your heart. My experience is a bit different since my husband would still be at work and I will get to be a SAHM. I actually didn’t want to resign my job and fought tooth and nail for 8 months. Then I decided it was time for the sake of my son and the health of everyone else including myself and my marriage. While I miss my the days I have had at work, the time I was given back to spend on building my marriage, with my son and just my family is priceless. No amount of money would ever be comparable to it.

    Maureen |

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Maureen very much appreciated. You are spot on about following your heart. I havn’ t done so for such a long time, to be finally doing it now is such a relief and a huge weight of my shoulders. Glad it’s all working out for you and that gives me hope. I know that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with my marriage or my desire to be a hands on parent, it’s just the life I have leading working all hours just wasn’t conducive to me being to be the dad and husband I want to be. As you say no amount of money can buy a happy marriage and home life with your kids. Good luck with everything 🙂

  2. You made a very brave choice, one that I am sure many would shy away from. I am glad that you are reaping the rewards from it. My husband gave up his job that involved working away 5/6 days a week and despite a huge drop in income we are so much more happier. I hope it continues to be a positive move for you #pocolo

    1. Ah thank you that’s really good to hear. It’s already feeling like the right decision with things having improved immensely….just need to start ‘ve wearing an income to pay the bills!!!

  3. It’s a scary jump but I did it also! It has improved my health so much. I didn’t realize how many things I stopped doing because I was exhausted both physically and mentally by my profession. #GlobalBlogging

    1. Great stuff well done you and really pleased to hear it’s made such a difference. I am feeling so much better for doing so 🙂

  4. Good for you! Misery Guts did exactly this at the start of the year and hasn’t looked back, despite the financial insecurity. Best thing he ever did – good luck! #BloggerClubUK

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