lower back pain
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10 Ways To Improve Lower Back Pain

lower back pain
Research has shown that approximately 80% of individuals will develop lower back pain at some point in their lives

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke approximately 80% of individuals will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

One group of individuals that are particularly at risk of developing lower back problems are those with young families.

Having young children can often involve picking up children awkwardly which can lead to developing lower back pain and impact on the quality of the parenting experience.

In the event of a back injury here are ten ways to improve back pain:

  • See a doctor – first and foremost, like with any injury, the opinion of a doctor should be sought to determine the extent and nature of it. A scan such as an MRI may also be worth considering to aid diagnosis.
  • Hot bath – in the event of a lower back injury a warm bath can help ease the pain.
  • Chiropractor or Osteopath – although it is only normally possible to see a Chiropractor or Osteopath privately, these regulated professionals can help alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain.
  • Get mobile and go for a walk – often the worse thing to do with a lower back injury is to remain static. Remaining as mobile as possible and going for a walk to loosen up injured lower back can help reduce pain and aid the recovery process.
  • Try yoga – yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and core strength to alleviate the problems of a bad back. Yoga is really easy to try and it does not necessarily have to involve attending a class. There are lots of free videos available on YouTube. All that is needed is a yoga mat and some loose fitting clothing meaning it can be practised pretty much anywhere.
  • Pilates – similar to yoga, pilates is another way to alleviate pain and increase core strength and flexibility and worth exploring.
  • Swimming – swimming is an excellent way to help ease muscle stiffness and improve flexibility.
  • Stand up desk & riser – in the modern day era of working hunched over a laptop or computer, reviewing the desk set up, including a riser, can help to ensure posture is as straight as possible. The possible use of a stand up desk can also be explored to help alleviate, and also to prevent, lower back pain.
  • Pain relief medication – although this option should be pursued under the advice and guidance of a doctor or pharmacist, pain relief medication can be considered to help manage the symptoms of pain.
  • Prevention is better than cure – by far the best approach to managing lower back pain is to focus on prevention. Developing core strength and improving lifting techniques can help to protect against injury.

Do you suffer from lower back pain?

What do you do to alleviate pain and to protect yourself against subsequent injury?

As always it would be great to hear from you with your comments below πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways To Improve Lower Back Pain”

    1. Oh no. I can’t recommend a chiropractor enough. I went from being unable to walk and pick my kids up to fully straightened out in a matter of weeks. Sadly there is no cure for picking up and swinging about an 8, 6 and 4yo when you have sny type of bad back. Hope he gets to see someone soon πŸ™‚

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